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Electronic control panel for sliding door devices and traffic control bars

230 Vac - Remote Control - 250 Controls - External Sensors - Signal Light

Supplier : Autotech
Part Number : S-5070
Barcode : 5210119000852
ERP Code : ATG-0017

Electronic control panel for sliding door devices and traffic control bars 230VAC

Official Autotech Distributor
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product details


  • Built in 433,92 MHz PLL radio receiver with memory for up to 250 controls
  • Motor torque control
  • Slow speed time setting
  • Automatic closing setting
  • Input for button function (pedestrian or normal mode)
  • Output for blinker or courtesy lights
  • Input for safety device such as photocells, sensitive edges
  • Input for automatic opening device such as motion tracking device, inductive loop detectors or infrared sensors
  • User friendly digital menu
  • Diagnostic LED for installation and working testing
  • Size: Enclosure 130 Χ 95 Χ 40 mm PCB: 100 X 85mm
  • SMD technology/ CE Compliance

Basic Installation Instruction

Note: These are basic instructions given for your convenience. For detailed instructions, refer to the manufacture manual supplied with the control panel. In any case, the manufacture manual is the only authoritative source of informations.

First of all, you must know the wiring and programming of an electronic control panel because is a process that requires basic skills. If you do not have experience with this tables, you must first familiarize with the features and how it works and programmed.



There should be no works on the table when he is under voltage (connected in power supply). All the connections must be made by the disconnected panel from the power supply.

For security:

  • disconnect the table from the current,
  • take all necessary measures to avoid the mistake of reconnection,
  • do the connections with the right way,
  • reconnect the table with the current,
  • make settings and testing, with great attention.

Also, you must not miss the correct connection between device and grounding cable from the power supply cable.


Power Supply

  • The power supply must be from a separate line with own safety device in the power supply board and properly grounded. In this line we must not connect other device.
  • The required safety device in the current board (security) is Differential Switch Bipolar tension (DSB -  not electric shock, safety relay, leakage circuit breaker or spillage relay as they used to call the technicians) with rated current 6A and trigger operating 30 mA or less. Note, the national standard ΕLΟΤ HD 384 based on and requires DSB for the facilities that extented outside the building.
  • Τhe minimum section of power supply cable is 3, 1.5 mm² (phase, neutral & ground).

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